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PD Nižný Lánec

Agricultural cooperative PD Nižný Lánec manages 563 ha of agricultural land, of which 51 ha is formed by permanent grassland used as pastures. We specialize in growing wheat, maize and sunflower.

In livestock we specialize in Charolais beef cattle breed, currently counting 400 heads.

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In PD Nižný Lánec we specialize in Charolais beef cattle breed. Cattle are kept predominantly on pastures, only in winter season they are kept indoors.

In our plant production we specialize mainly in crops, both for internal use and for profit.

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Since 2015 we have been offering our customers a wide range of our dairy and meat in the store of our affiliate agricultural cooperative PD Čečejovce and in 19 outlets of the FRESH MARKET chain.

There are no artificial stabilizers or emulsifiers used in the cheesemaking process. Our dairy products are natural products and contain no artificial preservatives. This is the way how we make tasty, quality and healthy food.

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Ing. Július Ďurčo
Chairman of the Board

Ing. Pavel Tokoš
Board Vice-chairman

JUDr. Ľuboš Kamenistý
Board Member

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